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General terms and conditions for basic support

Basic free support for retail users is provided only for general and financial issues.
Registrant data is confidential and protected from access by third parties (including, but not limited to, employees of the Support Service). Support Portal Staff do not have access to ANY domain management and cannot assist in resolving issues related to their management and/or administration.

Domain Names - all operations are 100% performed automatically; employees do not have access to the management of registrants' domains and cannot assist them in performing any operations.

Virtual (shared) Hosting - is a co-branding service; we will not be able to help you personalize the settings of the virtual server (if such a need arises, you must use a physical server). Changing the default settings of the virtual server is impossible! More subtle settings are implemented by managing the Virtual server settings through the Hosting panel.

Physical (dedicated) Hosting - the price of the tariff includes only Basic administration of a rented physical server. The OS is installed from the default image (pay attention to the name of the OS and its build version, before paying for the service!). Personal admin support is available for an additional fee. Respecting the confidentiality and anonymity of data use, we do not have access to users' physical servers, so backups for physical servers are not performed or saved (if necessary, you need to do this yourself!).

SSL-certificates - the cost of the service includes the issuance of an SSL-certificate ordered by the user in automatic mode, and does not include the cost of installation (the user must independently install the CSL certificate on his server!). We recommend: keep this information confidential and do not pass it on to third parties!

Other services - are provided “as is” and cannot be changed/customized. Before activating and paying for these services, users must independently familiarize themselves with their composition / properties / characteristics (etc.) and the possibility of a refund (if such an option can be applied to a specific service and advertised in the Terms of Service).

Before activating and paying for services, the user must independently familiarize themselves with their characteristics and user properties!
Users themselves bear financial and/or legal responsibility for improper use of services, incl. if their ignorance or misconception led to a situation of suspension (blocking access) and/or inability to use the services, despite payment for them!

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